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Brandenburg Gate

The Tour

It only took us about 2 hours to get to Dresden, our first destination of the day, after setting off from Prague. We only had about an hour or so for lunch and to see some of the city so we decided to do the usual eat and walk and picked up a sausage and a pretzel from a street vendor and used the rest of our time admiring the beautifully historic buildings, many of which had been rebuilt to their original design after the war.

Soviet MemorialArriving in Berlin, we stopped at the Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park, which like most Soviet monuments was huge and awe-inspiring. Then we had our first viewing of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery. We had brief driving tour around the city to finish our first day in Germany before dinner at the hostel and the chance to be in bed nice and early.

East Side Gallery

The next day we had a Third Reich walking tour of Berlin visiting key sites such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust memorial, the site of Hitlers bunker, the site of the Propaganda Ministry, the former site of the SS offices and Checkpoint Charlie. After our tour, we stopped into the Topography of Terror museum which was built on the former site of the SS offices. Feeling a little bit history-ed out, we stopped for lunch at a German restaurant where I had a Venison Ragout with bread dumplings and did a little window shopping down Friedrichstraße. Hoping to walk off our rather filling lunch, we wandered down to the Bebelplatz, where memorial to the book burnings by the Nazis is located. From there we walked over to Alexanderplatz and relaxed in a beer garden with a stein of beer and another German sausage. While waiting for our bus home, I took some photos of the Berliner Fernsehturm, an impressive TV tower built in the 1960s.

TV Tower

The Food

Given that I ate so many during my time there, it wouldn’t have been right to make anything but German Sausage for my Berlin inspired meal. Wanting something a little bit nicer than a sausage on bread, I sort out a recipe for Wurst mit Sauerkraut, which is basically sausages cooked in sauerkraut. Once again the sauerkraut was combined with bacon, onions and caraway seeds as well as a grated apple, to provide a great balance of flavours. And the sausage tasted as good as I remember having in Germany.  Wurst mit SauerkrautAnother German staple that I actually make rather regularly is the Pretzel. This is my go to recipe, the dough is easy to make and shape, and the pretzels always end up nice and chewy on the outside and soft on the inside. PS. They taste even better when dipped in mustard.