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LauterbrunnenThe Tour

One of the downsides of a Topdeck tour is the long bus rides between cities. One of the upsides however is that these drives are sometime through the most beautiful countries in the world. Switzerland is a prime example of this. Lakes, mountains, green grassy pastures and quaint little houses make for the most breathtaking scenery as you travel along. The town we stayed in, Lauterbrunnen, is no exception. The sights of the valley are best seen as you wind your way up the mountainside on a train to Jungfrau, home of the world highest railway station in Europe (which also has some rather breathtaking views).


Switzerland was also our first introduction to a Topdeck Cook Tent where Topdeck chefs prepare a range of meals during your stay. The highlight of the food there was a big pot of Cheese Fondue that each table got to share. The other highlight was Switzerland’s other finest export, chocolate, which we all stocked up on our last day as we tried to spend the last of our Swiss Francs before we crossed the border.

My Food

If I was to revisiting Switzerland through food than the obvious choice would be to make cheese fondue. However this was somewhat difficult as I do not own a fondue set. After a fruitless search through my local shopping centre, I decided to improvise with two bowls set up like a double boiler with hot water in the bottom one, which seemed to work for just long enough to get my fill of cheesy, bready goodness.

Cheese FondueFor a dessert, I struggled a little to decide what to make and a basic google search of “swiss deserts” really didn’t give me much to work with. All I could really remember about sweets in Switzerland was the chocolate so I decided to make that the star of my dessert with a rich chocolate mousse made with Lindt chocolate. When it comes to chocolate mousse, this one reigns supreme in my eyes with the simplest of ingredients (just chocolate and eggs, no whipped cream or gelatine here) to give a rich chocolatey taste with a light, fluffy texture. Chocolate Mousse